So what’s with the pictures?


As some folks have noted, I’ve had some photos here on the site recently.  Awhile back one of the folks I helped over in land went out and purchased themselves a new digital camera.  Not knowing what to do with their older one, they dropped me an email and asked if I wanted it.  Gotta admit that I’ve never felt comfortable with taking photos because of my thyroid tremor so even though I said yes, I was concerned about how they would come out.

Well I finally got a chance to offload the images from the camera.  You’ll note that some of them are from last year.  I realized that I didn’t have any card reader to read the SD card included with the camera.  Tommy and Donna from over at Brandon’s Smile Ministry (I’m still trying to get Google to see their site first with a search for the name instead of mine.) were nice enough to go out and buy me a reader as well as a charger. 

Yes, some of the photos are very blurry.  I know that and pointing this out to me will just bother me so please don’t do it.  Some photos I took 4 or 5 times trying to get a decent picture.  Heck, Donna took most of the street pictures in there.

I’ve got to go back and organize them and give them descriptions.  I’ll do that in a day or two.

Dr. Mike’s Gallery

edit: Someone care to name the gallery?  Or is Dr. Mike’s Gallery good enough?

reedit: I’ve not given credit to the person who sent me the camera as I noticed that their site is no longer hosted on  I don’t know where they’ve moved to and I don’t have their email address handy.  If they see this, please feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll be happy to give a link and publicly thank you.

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