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To go along with my two previous posts about Downloading Dragon Magazine and Downloading Dragon Magazine – Part #2, here’s a list of Dungeon Magazine to download.  These aren’t mine and I didn’t gather them.  I just found them.

The list is missing some issues. I’ll come back and post them later on when I find them.

[removed upon request – drmike]

24 thoughts on “Download Dungeon Magazine

  1. Download the James Bond RPG Game

    Well, I’ve previously found the links to download Dragon Magazine, a bunch of Dungeon Magazines, and the Gangbusters RPG.How about the Victory Games version of James Bond?…

  2. I personally would like to see Dungeon #5 posted here, since it has the first set of stats for and the first appearance of Shami-Amourae

  3. I’ll see what I can do. I finally sat down and starting pulling the links myself and most of them are no longer available. I’ll go bug the person I got these from.

  4. Ever found issue 30? I am dying to get my hands on Thiondar’s Legacy. I played this adventure when I was a kid and I would LOVE to read through the story once again. 🙂

  5. Wizards of the Coast Ditches Paizo, Again

    I got an interesting email this morning from the folks over at Paizo:Dear Mike, Wizards of the Coast has notified us that we may no longer sell or distribute their PDF products. Accordingly, after April 6 at 11:59 PM Pacific…

  6. At this moment i have Dungeon 1 – 144 and 154 – 166
    Anybody knows where to find the missing 145 – 154??

  7. Not a problem John. I’m hoping to have the others listed some time soon. My source is telling me he’s still having a problem uploading to Megaupload. Maybe he should just try another site.
    Thanks for the comment,

  8. Hey Dr. Mike,
    Thanks for keeping this stuff safe for so long. Both the Dragon and Dungeon Mags are down now, eh? I wonder why? 🙂
    Be well.

  9. I ran “Thiondar’s Legacy” a few months ago as a ‘leaving’ mega-session game. It was run with four PCs and the players had fun. They nearly completed the scenario, just stumbling prior to the final ‘level’. Though I have my own original copy, I do have it on PDF as well. Not a bad adventure at all.

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