UPS bans left turns to save gas – When will NASCAR do the same?


Buried in this article is a mention that UPS has now eliminated left turns from its routes because they waste fuel. 

The first thought that comes to mind though is all those left hand turns that occur every weekend with the typical NASCAR race.  Maybe they’ll reverse the direction drivers race to save gasoline.

I’m sure that Luke over at Thunderlounge will be one of the first to pick up on this.

(Yes, I know the the gas wasting is because you usally have to wait for traffic before you can make a left hand turn.  Please kindly note the “Joke” and “Funny Stuff” categories on this post.)

Discussion about the “No left hand turn” policy: here (Where numbers are given to show that the policy is working), here (OK, so it appears it’s not a new policy), and here (With a lot of negativity in the comments although the NASCAR mention gets a +1 from me).

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