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gangbusters.jpgCame across these links elsewhere on the net.  This was another Role Playing Game that I used to play when I was younger.  The manual is lacking materials (ie the map, the intro adventure and the counters for the map) but you should be able to wing it from there.

1st edition Rule Book
GB1 – Trouble Brewing
GB2 – Murder in Harmony
GB3 – Death on the Docks
GB4 – The Vanishing Investigator
GB5 – Death in Spades

7 thoughts on “Download Gangbusters RPG

  1. Download the James Bond RPG Game

    Well, I’ve previously found the links to download Dragon Magazine, a bunch of Dungeon Magazines, and the Gangbusters RPG.How about the Victory Games version of James Bond?…

  2. Thanks for posting these, this brings back memories. I also needed a campaign city for a one shot adventure & lakeshore city fits the bill. A 1920s city over run with undead works great. Thanks for this & the inspiration.

  3. Not a problem. That game system has a few issues and I think it could have used some more flushing out. Most of the modules center around the detective classes anyway. I liked it though. Need to find a local gaming group.
    Thanks for the comment,

  4. Most of the game problems originated with the concerns about the subject matter. Hence, Bloody 20s was renamed and the accent was on law enforcement. Most of the ruthelesss adventures/modules that were great fun during development were set aside to make a more socially acceptable product.

  5. Thanks for the comment, Rick. I have to admit that I find that to be a rather strange way of looking at the subject material. I’m not doubting you in anyway. I just find it strange that we’re talking about a company where killing hundreds of orcs and magical creatures is the normal course. Granted, they are shown to be evil so may that’s how they got away with it.

  6. No surprise, but after more than a year, the main rule book is no longer there. The adventures still are, however.

  7. Thanks for letting me know as well as the comment. That Megaupload “The file is unavailable” error appears from time to time. They have occasionally come back though. Unfortunately the person who provided me those links is no longer reachable and has pulled a lot of his or her stuff.

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