Free Coffee at Hardee’s on Mondays

HardeesNew_4color.gifIt’s strange that no one is blogging about this but Hardee‘s is doing Free Coffee on Monday’s for the time being.  I don’t see anything on their website about the promotion but there’s signs up all over their stores.  They’re probably doing this to promote their new Channel Islands Roasting Company coffee that they have introduced.  There’s no mention on how long this will last and the employees I asked didn’t know either.

I got my free cup this morning.  I’m debating on hitting them again on the way home.

4 thoughts on “Free Coffee at Hardee’s on Mondays

  1. Thanks for the answer. I got two cups this morning. (I walk by two locations on my way into “work.”) Staff at both locations are still in the dark about the ending date.
    Gotta admit that while I like the taste (and the price of course) of the coffee, usually the coffee from at least one of the locations taste burnt. I’m not a big coffee person so I’m not sure if the coffee is left over from yesterday, (I hope not) been made really early that morning, (neither location does that big of a breakfast crowd) the bins haven’t been washed recently, (I hope not as well on that one) or it just tastes that way naturally. I don’t think it’s the last one either as the coffee does taste pretty good besides the occasional burnt cup.
    Thanks again for the comment and the answer. 🙂

  2. mike murphy’s coffee is great, but i would like a coffee cup lid to compliment it. the present lid has a slit with no cover. i have to order my coffee “don’t fill to the top” so it won’t spill before i get to work. your compeditor has a great lid, but their coffee does not compare.
    thanks for listening

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