Play a Daily Sudoku Puzzle

sudoku.jpgJust a quick note to mention that I’ve added links to the Daily Sukoku puzzles over on the USAToday puzzle site to my Daily To Do list.  I’ve been playing them for quite a while now and can usually solve them.  They don’t always score them correctly (Todays was a five star pluzzle which usually means it’s the hardest to solve but I found it quite easy.) and it is a source of enjoyment.  (My thrills are cheap and easy.)

Maybe someday I’ll learn how to spell Sukoku correct.  And maybe Firefox will add the word to it’s dictionary. 🙂

If you get stuck like I do on occasion, check out this Sudoku Solver for help. (It’s currently down for some reason.  Hopefully it’ll come back shortly.)

edit: Oh and my sister is giving away my old Star Trek books. 🙁

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