gets some revenge on Mediamax

I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of Blogger but tonight I have to give them a pat on the back.  I just read on Mediamax’s new blog that their old blog has been labeled a splog and they no longer have access to it.

Why do I get the feeling that somewhere out there, a Blogger employee with a free or low end account on Mediamax recently got an email from Mediamax telling them about their upcoming changes and how they either had to upgrade to a pay account or lose all of the data?  I have to admit that even I would have a hard time not pushing that button if I was sitting there looking at gigs of files, not being able to retrieve them, knowing that they’ll be deleted in a few days, and knowing that Mediamax could really care less.  That’s what they did it me.

Way to go, Blogger.  Now if you could just go ahead and mark their new blog

Edit: Want to see something really stupid?  I just realized that they signed up for the same service that previously marked them as a spammer.  I guess they didn’t take the hint.

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  1. So I’m not the only that got screwed by MediaMax/TheLinkup. This is unbelievably bad business practice being displayed by MediaMax. I opened up a free account less than 2 weeks ago. I was reformatting my hard drive and MediaMax was my only backup for my files. I uploaded a bunch of stuff, information about my medications, important email correspondence and 160 mp3s. I never saw any warnings about them switching over to TheLinkup. I signed in today in order to retrieve my files only to find that MediaMax no longer exists. Thank you so much MediaMax! They shouldn’t for a second think I’m fooled. This switchover to TheLinkup is part and parcel of what their company is about. Switching over to a new URL and dumping the free accounts is one of their business tactics. Eventually TheLinkup will become defunct and turn into something else in an effort to get more free subscribers to turn into paid subscribers. Anyone with a peabrain knows that this switch to TheLinkup doesn’t need to be done. The ONLY thing this switchover is about is providing more money to their company. It’s not about providing new services to their customers. If they think I’m going to get an account at their new site they’re insane. And I’m going to inform as many people on the net as I can that TheLinkup is a scam.

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