Looking back at February through April


I haven’t done one of these in quite a while but lets take a look at what posts get the highest number of visits for the last few months.

Download Dragon Magazine and Download Dragon magazine part 2 still top the list. (Hmmm, I wonder why.) A link to some interesting Mac desktop wallpapers still holds the number 3 spot.

An embed of the first Daria episode, Esteemsters, now takes the forth spot.  It’s a pity that the video no longer is hosted anywhere.  Sorry about that.  I do keep looking though.

50 Things Not to do at Hogwarts is fifth.

A bunch of Kim Possible pictures on Deviantart is sixth.

The song Rock Lobster from the Family Guy is seventh. That one is plastered on the net.  It’ll never go away.

Someone trying to passoff their fanfiction as Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows is eighth.  You know I still get folks leaving comments on that post thanking me for the link?

The category page for Rapidshare is ninth and the one for Megaupload is tenth.

Some other interesting posts that get a fair number of reads are:

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