To mail or not to mail? That is the question.

I’m sitting here with a birthday card that I picked up on the walk into UNCC this morning.  It was lying on the side of the road on the sidewalk.  It hadn’t been mailing because the stamp was still uncanceled.  It had been opened which is why I know it was a birthday card.  There’s no return address.

Here’s my question.  Do I mail it or just throw it away?

I’d like to mail it.  Wouldn’t cost me anything except for some tape to seal it back up.  I’m hesitant to do so for a couple of reasons.  The envelope has been opened already and it is a bit worn from being on the sidewalk.  I don’t know if the sender has discovered that they’re missing the card and already sent a replacement one.  I would hate to have two show up which may cause some trouble or confusion.  May look back as the envelope is a bit worn as noted.  The card though is fine.

So what would you do?

One thought on “To mail or not to mail? That is the question.

  1. i’d mail it. even if the sender knew about the missing card, i don’t think it’d hurt to send. i tried to send mail twice to the us, and my friend never received it; strangely it had the same postcard (the first time i sent a postcard, the second time i put the postcard in an envelope with gifts) so we joked that it was a cursed postcard. 😀

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