Matt Mullenweg lies again

drmike-128.jpgYou know you would have thought by now that Matt Mullenweg would have learned his lesson about lying in public.  Guess not.


Love this bit:

Anyone is welcome to participate.

I guess that means I’ll be getting my original wordpress account back.

edit: Considering he’s now changing his story on other points, it doesn’t surprise me.  I wonder why he is the only person who I’m not able to get emails from.  Donncha has emailed me.  Mark has as well.  But for some reason, email from Matt can’t show up correctly.  Never gets resent either.  Hmm, I wonder why.  Could it be that it never got sent in the first place?  Now there’s a thought.

Reedit: Oh wait, they’re doing advertising on the Dashboard of now.  Something Matt called stupid many eons ago. (Gone to find that link.)

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