Download the James Bond RPG Game


Well, I’ve previously found the links to download Dragon Magazine, a bunch of Dungeon Magazines, and the Gangbusters RPG.

How about the Victory Games version of James Bond?

11 thoughts on “Download the James Bond RPG Game

  1. still have not got a email to post un-anonymously, so just wanted to say thc for the james Bond RPG. Still looking for some of the suplements you have listed.
    thank you

  2. Too funny! I scanned these probably five years ago or more and I finally stumbled onto my own scans again! Love your work! Its great to see all that time I “wasted” is appreciated by at least one other James Bond RPG fan. I thought I scanned a magazine as well that I do not see. I will have to dig it up for you!
    I also did the Last Unicorn version of Star Treks… let me know if you spot those!
    If you are REALLY intrested I could upload to you the rest of the games I scanned including Men in Black and a few other I have never again seen!

  3. Hi
    It was great to pick up a few modules that I have missed over the years.
    The ‘Live and Let Die’ module has an error on p.25 that stops the page from displaying.
    Thanks again!

  4. Thanks so much for uploading these. I never played the game back in the day, but in recent years, have heard a lot of good feedback on it, and have been picking it up here and there when I’ve seen a good deal, so nice to have it complete and the Assault game too!

  5. Not a problem. To be honest, I’ve never played the game either. When I was in college, it was mostly D&D and Blood Bowl. The book are an interesting read though and the system is rather different than other games on the market.

  6. I think I found all the old school Dungeons at this point and I have all the Dragons from the CD-ROM Archive. But you helped me on a bunch, so THANKS DR. MIKE. Next work on Polyhedron Magazines!!! Or even better (and tougher) TSRs Imagine Magazines!
    Be well.

  7. Thank you for putting the game available as a download. I had originally purchased the game as a teenager but had lost it due to water damage in my basement. Thanks to you I can now introduce my kids to the game. Sincerely.

  8. I have a Victory Games “From Russia with Love” James Bond 007 RPG Adventure Module that I don’t beleive was ever released. It is a pre-release version for volunteer playtesters. If you want a copy of this let me know at the above web address.
    Unfortunately, your links no longer work to download the James Bond RPG Modules.

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