Looks like WordPress.com has gone pro-spam


A few days ago, I wrote about a splog over on wordpress.com that I had reported a number of times that, after a pair of “Report as Spam”  and a support ticket still remained online.  It took three hours after blogging about it but it finally came down.

Folks have written that wordpress.com is as spam free as possible.  In fact, Matt Mullenweg recently commented that they’ve removed over 800,000 such sites from the service, 24% of all blogs created on that site. (I agree with the commenter.  The math is off.) That number seems rather low to me considering that numbers between 50% and 77% get used all the time.

I’ve questioned this in the past a number of times as it really sounds like PR coming from Automattic. (And if you haven’t figured out yet that anything coming from Automattic should be questioned, you may want to give that some thought.) Simply going around the site with their Next Blog link in the admin bar will usually show a number of splogs.  I’ve always reported them in the past.

Here’s something else I’ve been doing.  I’ve bookmarked every splog reported since the middle of January, 2008.  I have a list of 917 splogs located on wordpress.com that, having just checked a large random sample of them, appear to be mostly still on line.  Nearly a thousand.  You would think that a site that’s going around and stating how anti-spam they are would have deleted them a long time ago.  Guess not.

Here’s a sampling from that list.  These are 70 that were reported this past weekend that as far as I can tell are still online as of today.  They’ve all been marked with nofollow and noindex so they won’t get any credit from me.

I wonder how long it’ll take for someone to catch up on these.  I also wonder what the problem is this time.

edit: Here’s another one.

digg_url = ‘http://digg.com/tech_news/Wordpress_com_and_Automattic_turn_pro_spam’;

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4 thoughts on “Looks like WordPress.com has gone pro-spam

  1. I just checked about 20-25 of the links and they all appear to be down. Either listed as pulled to TOS violations or listed as inactive. It appears that this post got the attention of the correct people.
    I want to clarify though and said that I have never claimed WordPress.com to be perfect. I don’t think any free blogging host can be. I’ve just said that, when compared to BlogSpot and other free services, that they are much better.
    They have several fundamental differences, including the banning of Adsense and other advertisements, that greatly reduce the amount of spam and they have, in my experience, been responsive to these issues.
    I am, however, disturbed that your spam complaints went unchecked until they were posted. I will definitely raise this shortly with some contacts I have at the site.
    It is also worth noting though that most of what I’ve written on the subject of WP and spam blogs is fairly old and likely in need of an update. A project for another day perhaps.
    Thank you very much for drawing attention to this (though I really am not comfortable with any linking to spam). Keep fighting the good fight and let me know if I can help.

  2. I really am not comfortable with any linking to spam

    In this case I don’t think it does any harm, because a) the links are no-followed and b) the sites are on wordpress.com so presumably malware-free. You can’t really write this sort of post without linking to the blogs in question as proof of what you’re claiming.
    I wonder whether the replacement of the ‘archived or suspended’ page with a non-specific, thrown-together-in-five-seconds ‘This blog is inactive’ page is down to not wanting to get into the question of whether the offending blog has actually violated the ToS? If you were accused in public of ToS violations, and it then turned out that your suspension was a technical glitch or human error, would you have a case for defamation?

  3. Is Harvard having a problem with keeping it up?

    I know that I’ve talked about sites going prospam or ignoring their spam problem in the past but even I have to admit that this borders on being obscene.  For a good time, go over to Google and see how…

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