Watch the Babylon 5 pilot – The Gathering

b5logo.jpgA long time ago, I was adding in the Avatar: The Last Airbender videos to the site here.  I was adding in one a day just as an excuse to watch the shows in order.(Yes, I know I have to go back through and readd them in.  It’s on my todo list.)

I’ve decided to start doing that again.  I’ve been watching a number of different series over at Hulu and they allow shows to be embedded.  Lets give it a try.

Today, we’re going to start off with Babylon 5.  Angie and I were both fairly big fans of the show.  I always thought it was well written and filmed, had just enough comic relief in it, wasn’t as neat and clean as Star Trek was, and had a decent plot line to it.  The physics were a bit off but not too bad. (Sorry but you can’t hear explosions in outer space.)

I liked the pilot a lot.  Felt a bit like Blade Runner with the music as well as how it was shot.

Description: The ambassador from Vorlon survives an attempted assassination soon
after landing on the Babylon 5 space station. The hunt for a prime
suspect turns up the unexpected.

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