How Matt Mullenweg and Automattic deals with complaints

Wordpress censorship

WordPress censorship

Looks like I “offended” Matt Mullenweg a bit too much.  Write a pair of posts describing how they have ignored a long list of splog reports and I now have my account suspended and my posts in the support forums edited without permission.  But in addition to that, I’ve been blackballed by Akismet and it appears that my comments on are being trashed automatically. (A picture of that after the fold.  Guess I won’t be posting comments to your blog anymore, wank.)

What bothers me about all this is that it started on Matt’s end when I suggested that since most of the support forum volunteers were not going to be able to attend the first WordCamp, that it would be a great idea if Automattic would drop each of them a tshirt into the mail.  That way Matt and crew would show how thankful they were for the time and the work that they put in.  This, of course, didn’t fly over too well and since that point, many of us noticed a “cooling” of staff’s attitudes towards those who helped out.

There, I said it.  All this because of a lousy tshirt.  A simple gesture that would have taken at most an hour or two and would have meant a lot of some people.  Hell, the gallery folks sent me a tshirt for reporting an issue with their website. (I still need to blog about that.  There’s pictures here and here.  Yes, it was 6:30 in the morning.  It was early and I was tired and hadn’t shaved.)

Since that time, I’ve had Matt and others from Automattic lie about me, post insults, make light of my physical handicaps, and make light of my former relationship with my ex fiancee.  While he goes on and on about how approachable he is, he has refused numerous times to discuss how his company has acted towards me and has refused to follow up on the questions that I raised.

All this does prove three things though. is not pro free speech, not pro customer service and fully believes in censorship.  Can’t wait for the next time Matt gets up on his soap box shouting out to the whole world how they support it so much.

Wordpress censorship

WordPress censorship

10 thoughts on “How Matt Mullenweg and Automattic deals with complaints

  1. But you knew that before, right?
    I wondered where your avatar had gone and why you were set back to Inactive. You’d think they’d have better things to do. They got the sock puppet too, didn’t they?
    At WordcampVancouver I noticed some people with hoodies, etc gratis; it looks like those never go to people who help with support, they just go to developers. You want swag, contribute code, not fixes for when the code screws up. Mind you, I got a free upgrade but god only knows why.

  2. Oh, it’s even worse than that. Your trackback from this post shows up in my admin panel but not in my recent comments widget. I’m going to make a ‘censored comments’ widget and list them manually. If you want to comment in future you are of course welcome to email your comments; I’ll post them and link them from the ‘censored comments’ widget.
    Meanwhile I will be contacting Automattic and asking them not to control who gets to post on MY blog. There is no excuse for this. Even spam gets run past us for possible approval. When I asked for the ability to whitelist regular commenters, Mark told me you weren’t in Akismet. I said that in that case should stop sending you to the Akismet queue as it was sort of misleading, and I haven’t heard anything since.
    [goes to make a backup, sensing her days around there may be numbered. potential buyers to hide me from, you know?]

  3. Hey, I want a t-shirt too! Nobody’s asked for an address to send it to though. Perhaps a self-made one is in order? How about:
    I’ve reported dozens of spam blogs and volunteered in the forums for ages and I never even got a lousy t-shirt.

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  8. What on earth can be done about being blocked by Askimet? I recently noticed that my comments are being blocked from blogs on which I’ve commented for years! Is there any way to undo this problem? Thanks.

  9. Yeah, I’ve been a theme developer and noticed a lot of petty favoritism, both for and against me. It was for me before I said something someone didn’t like, then the favoritism turned against me. It’s like high school over there.

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