Arthur the Hot Dog Guy


As many of you know, I work with a number of area churches and organizations that assist the area homeless.  Recently, Van Miller, a columnist for Charlotte Magazine, wrote an article on one couple who I help.  Their names are Arthur and Debbie and I’ve been helping them since about 2000.  They come uptown three times a week and pass out upwards of 500 hot dogs, soda, clothing and supplies.  Arthur’s been doing it for about 16 or 17 years now.

The article is an interesting read.  I have to admit though that I take exception to characterizing all the folks who come out as having “hair [that is] unkempt, their clothes dirty, fingernails long, teeth brown.”  That kind of bothers me.  Yes, some folks are like that but far from all of them which is how I read the article.

There’s some pictures up in the gallery.  They’re all mixed in together though.  I’ll sort them if I have time tomorrow.  The photo I’ve included here is from the article. (My own pictures aren’t that good.)

Arthur, the hot dog guy

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