Surviving A Slashdotting With a Celeron 466

A few days ago, two of my posts here about mediamax/ thelinkup got listed over at Techcrunch.  I’m happy to say MovableType took the extra traffic without issue.  Had about an extra three thousand visitors each day for a couple of days. (Played havoc with my Google Adsense numbers though. )

Anyway I was looking for an excuse to post about one man’s experience about surviving a Slashdotting with an older computer.

I would make a comment about how it’s a pity that he had to go find a plugin to deal with the extra traffic while my site took it fine without issue but that would probably just generate some more posts out of the wordpress camp that cloud issues and are so far from the truth, it’s actually funny.

2 thoughts on “Surviving A Slashdotting With a Celeron 466

  1. Wow, that’s quite good. I know you couldn’t do that on WordPress without caching. I like how Movable Type is always cached, though I use WP Super Cache and find it works well also.

  2. Thanks for stopping by (I’m the author of
    My blog ran on MovableType for maybe a year or so and I couldn’t stand it. Everything was so ssslllooowwww during the publishing cycle because of the Perl mess. I also hate writing Perl so the chance of me ever extending it in any shape or form was 0%.
    When MovableType started charging for having more than 3 authors, etc, I decided I had enough and switched over to WordPress before it was even a 1.0. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve done that, and still glad I did. 🙂

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