ADrive lets down it’s clients


Hmm, I seem to have the worse luck with online storage sites.

The error that you see over on the left there has been staring at me for the past five days when I try to log into ADrive.  There’s a post on their blog apologizing for the problems and saying that there will be a fix as soon as possible, hopefully within two days.

That was four days ago.

I wouldn’t mind the problems but my laptop’s hard drive is full and I’m all out of DVDs to burn files to.  Kind of in a bind here.

I did email their customer support address.  They basically said the same thing as what’s in the blog post there.  They did respond though and I believe that to be a good sign.

What’s strange about all of this is that it seems like ADrive’s problems seem to have gone unnoticed by the blogging world.

6 thoughts on “ADrive lets down it’s clients

  1. I’m having issues getting to the site AT ALL and I’m about to reformat my drive… I want to make sure all my data is there, just to double check before I wipe, but I can’t even get to the site. I guess 50 free gigs of storage was just too good to be true.

  2. Zack, thanks for the comment and I’m sorry that you’re having problems getting to the site. It’s probably because everybody who can get in is downloading their files to make sure they have copies. At the very least, the folks over at adrive have been upfront and will to respond to emails about their problems. That’s a lot more than I can say about megaupload or mediamax as they never responded to anything.
    I was able to finally log in myself this morning. Seems to be fairly stable and the few files I downloaded as a test worked fine.
    I do hope things work better for you soon.

  3. Evidently, doesn’t understand a request to download multiple files. I’m trying to get my mp3s onto my new computer, and it selectively downloaded maybe ten out of the one hundred I requested. Sounds awfully tedious to pick them off one at a time.

  4. Thanks for the comment.
    Please try clicking on the downloader link. It’ll let you batch choose files for downloading. It’ll just do them one at a time but you can set it up in a batch.

  5. I signed up for a premium account 10/15/09 and proceeded to upload my family video collection, nearly 20GB over 8 days. A few days later I went back and all I found was the tree heading. I reported this to Support, received a trouble ticket. It’s been 3 weeks, a lifetime for an IT firm to go through root cause analysis, especially on a core production issue like this. Sev 1’s in real businesses often get worked overnight.
    A follow up status request has gone unanswered 4 days now. Perhaps this is just one guy in a basement with an overheated server rack…

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