Apocalyptic Daria by Doggieboy


Been reading an interesting piece of Daria Fanfiction today.  It’s called Apocalyptic Daria.  Daria and Jane, having skipped town and gone on a “joyride” with Daria’s mother’s car (Hmm, could have sworn that she had the SUV…) survive a nuclear attack and have to make their way back to Lawndale to their families.  Needless to say, it;s not an easy trip.  There’s language and, while not graphic, some adult topics.  It’s not that long of a read though.  There’s Part 1: We Are So Screwed as well as Part 2: There’s No Place Like Someone Else’s Home.  I hope we’ll see Part 3 shortly.

I wrote a couple years ago about the Daria fanfiction work Sarcasm at 1600.  I noticed this morning that Mike Xeno has written a few new chapters.  The latest is here.  You may want to start over from the beginning to refresh your memory.  Again, I hope we’ll see more soon.

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