Sohmer Goes Shopping at the Apple Store and Buys Out the Store


Sohmer, the writer and creator behind Least I Could Do webcomic, ran into his local Apple Store looking for accessories for his MacBook Air and it developed into an article about customer service.  Most of the comments that follow, I don’t have a problem with except for this one where a manager goes on about how he encourages his own employees to provide the best customer service that they can.  My problem with that is I wonder how much credit that manager give his employees.  I know for experience that little benefit gets down to the employee who goes out of his or her way to provide that wonderful customer support as usually the levels above that manager is told folks back or the manager is trying to keep his own butt covered by reducing costs.

My response is here and, yes, when I worked for Kinko’s, they had their local pot dealer on speed dial.  It was pretty sad.

Picture from here.

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