17 Ways to Save Money Running a Startup


One of the folks I follow is Chris Comella, one of the lead people over at buzzpal, a USA / Sweden-based social startup.  A long while ago, I bookmarked and saved this post on 17 Ways to Save Money Running a Startup.  It contains a list of different method to save cash when you’re struggling to get your company off the ground.  The list originally comes from over at Calacanis although a few places have copied it without giving proper credit. 🙁

I noted in a comment and I still think that one should allow some customization in what programs and methods employees use to get their work done.  I use Ultraedit, a feature rich text editor that I can do both php editing as well as regular text editing like the tutorials I’ve been writing. (Heck, I even paid for it.  I must like it.) To be “forced” or “encouraged” to use a different program I would think would mean a lag as you got used to the new program and maybe even a lag as you progressed due to your wishing you could use what you normally did. (I wish I could have said that better.) Sure, everybody has to be on the same page and be able to read and use each other’s work.  As long as you don’t try coding in MS Word, I would think you would be fine.

I hope they stock their fridges with Monster Drinks as well. 🙂

edit: Oops, I forgot to mention that the image is from buzzpal.  I think all startups should have a cool looking model in their company’s logo. 🙂

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