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Oh lookie.  There’s going to be a Charlotte WordCamp on Nov 15th here in Charlotte.  I wonder if I should go.

I’m wondering why they aren’t publicizing it.  Kind of reminds me on how Automattic does theirs.

I’m also wondering why Host Gator is a sponsor and why not a local hosting company. (like mine) It’s a pity that we didn’t get wind of this until today.

2 thoughts on “Charlotte Wordcamp

  1. Thanks for mentioning the event. I am the lead organizer, and by that I mean only organizer.
    Could I be doing better publicizing the event? Yes, much better I imagine, but limited resources are a bitch.
    To date CLTwordcamp has been listed on dozens of local blogs, wordpress and otherwise, all the wordcamp websites/blogs, a few other wordpress news blogs, the Charlotte Observer (print and web), and through several social media channels (twitter, ning, facebook, etc). I have been happy with the reach the event has achieved with the little time I have had to put forth and the $0 the event had prior to opening registration.
    Most of the sponsorships are trade not cash. HostGator just happens to be one of the people that returned my phone calls. I made calls to about half a dozen local hosting companies and am still making a few calls a week to try and get a couple more sponsors.
    This is the first event of its kind in Charlotte that I know of, and it is definitely not a professionally done, grand event. I hope it will be a great networking opportunity for bloggers and WP folks. And more importantly lead to bigger and better future events in the direction.
    Thanks for the suggestions you made on the blog, and if you have anymore, please feel free to pass them my way. My ears are open.

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