What’s Wrong With Whos.Amung.Us?


I have to admit that I click on that whos.amung.us logo every so oftne during the day to see what folks are reading.  They must have gotten really popular recently because I keep seeing holes like th eone to the left there at least once if not two or three times a day.  I see it on other’s folk’s pages as well so I know it’s not me.

There’s nothing about it on their blog either.  I wish they would either fix the issue or at least admit that there’s an issue.

*snort* Maybe Matt should buy them.

2 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With Whos.Amung.Us?

  1. whos.amung.us Goes Pro

    I’m reading Real Life this weekend if you want to waste time with me. :)Anyway, I know I’ve complained about whos.amung.us in the past.  They appear to have fixed their issues and I haven’t noticed any problems recently.  I…

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