Jen Learns the Importance of Backing Up Her Data


Yup, still here.  Doing the Salvation Army bellringing so updates may be a few days apart.  Plus it appears my camera is now busted.  I guess leaving it in the backpack wasn’t a good idea.

My sister, Jen, got a write up about her experiences with writing her novel for National Novel Writing Month.  Turns out her computer “crashed” and she lost the work that she was working on.  Now she’s got a “new, shiny flash drive” and is working on a new novel.  No news if she will rewrite her lost work.

What’s actually interesting is that I’ve given some thought about trying to find older, used flash drives and giving them out to the local homeless who need or want them.  Not sure what folks do with their older ones.  Seems like I use all of mine but I only have a couple.  I do get asked occasionally for one and, if I have one to spare, I give them out.

One of these days I’ll have to finish my writings.

Oops, Did I Do That?


Just a quick note to let me know if something’s broken so I can fix it.  Hopefully within the next few days, I’ll have time to run through the site and fix all of the broken links and videos and whatnot.

Just let me know what’s busted.

Image from here.

New Webcomic – Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

saturday morning breakfast cereal webcomic

saturday morning breakfast cereal webcomic

I haven’t added this to the link list but I wanted to give a quick plug for Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. It’s one of those once a day, random topic webcomics. I don’t normally read those but the comics did give me a chuckle.

I found it as it was one of the Project Wonderful bids that came across that account.  I’ve been finding a number of new webcomics via those folks.

Look at the Pretty Pictures

100_0991.jpgThe gallery is fixed and back on line.  Had to give it a new subdomain as I couldn’t get the hosting panel software to reuse the old one.  Feel free to take a look.

I’m getting a lot done today. I do need to give them descriptions one of these days.  That and figure out how to turn on comments over there.

Ringing a Bell For the Salvation Army

Shirley Temple as a Salvation Army Bellringer

Shirley Temple as a Salvation Army Bellringer

Well, I’m ringing a bell this year for the Salvation Army this holiday season.  It’ll be the 5th year I’ve done it in the last 6.  It’s not a great job but it;s better than nothing, it helps folks out this holiday season, and will hopefully put a few bucks in my pocket.  We start on the 22nd.

It’s going to be really bad this year and I have to admit that I’m a bit concerned. Wal-Mart is only allowing the bellringers outside their stores for a few days this season instead of every day like they did when Target stopped allowed the kettles. (But yet, no one is reporting on that.  Hmmm…) That’s a big chunk of change that the Salvation Army isn’t going to get.  There’s also five less days to rind as well this year.  Another big chunk gone.

But yet the Charlotte Salvation Army has something like three times the number of children signed up this year over last for their Christmas gift program.  And they’re still signing families up.  We do get some idiot bellringers who steal out of the kettles.  I wonder if they’ll ever realize that they’re stealing from little kids.

And yes, I do get paid. Have to admit that I’ve always been bothered by that as I wish I could do it for free but what money I do get really helps me out, gets me caught up on my medical bills, and gives me a bit of extra cash for the first few months of the new year.  We’re lucky to get maybe 4 or 5 local volunteer groups on Saturday every week that’ll handle 4 or 5 of those buckets.  Of course we have nearly a hundred every day for six days a week.  Without those who get paid, there really wouldn’t be any kettles out there and no money would get raised.  Necessary evil I guess.

If you would like to stop by and say hello, most days I’ll be at the Macy’s at South Park Mall here in Charlotte.  I’ll most likely be on the side towards Morrison Blvd on the back side of the mall.  Sounds like a rather poor location but I usually do fairly well out there.  If you feel like bringing by coffee, I won’t complain. (Cream and sugar please.  Carmel shots would be a plus. ) Have to admit that I’m wondering how I’m going to eat for the first week or so.  Not sure if folks remember but I live off a very small check that I get at the beginning of the month.  I won’t have any money for those first two weeks and, since I won’t be doing any volunteering, I know I’m not going to be getting any food from them.  Not looking forward to it.

The Shirley Temple picture is from here.  I wanted to use this picture but there’s a big old copyright on it with no permission to reuse. Oh well.  At the very least, I can link to it.

You Want Fries With That?


It’s being reported that a child was left in a local McDonalds restaurant restroom this morning here in Charlotte.  Go read the article first and then come back.

Finished?  Here’s my problem with the story.  In North Carolina, it’s legal for the mother to hand over her newborn  child, up to 7 days old to any complete stranger who’s responsible and walk away.

Any complete stranger.

Think about that for just a second.  Now I don’t mind having this law and to some extent think it’s a good idea.  Wouldn’t it be a better idea though for them to hand the kid over to, or, oh I don’t know, maybe a hospital or a police officer or maybe even walk over to the local fire station and hand the child off there?  How about a church?  Or a school?  Or heck how about a bank branch since we’re here in Charlotte?

Nope, not here in North Carolina.  It’s legal to drop the kid off at a pool hall with the bartender or the stripper working the table dances.  Or the homeless guy sleeping on the bench?  Or how about the parking attendant working the booth?  Or the McDonalds store manager who’s trying to get folks through the drive thru first thing in the morning?  Or how about the bus driver? (Actually that’s legal here in North Carolina as well.) The baggage clerk at the Greyhound station?  Heck, Bush is a responsible adult under North Carolina law.

Look, I’m glad the child’s being taken care of or hopefully will be but I have a problem with a wide open loophole like that.  Sure, there are a lot of responsible people out there who would do anything for that kid or any other child dropped into their lap.  But let’s make sure about it, OK?  I would think that would be a better idea.

Image from Calm Your Screaming Baby.