Paper or Plastic?

paper_or_plastic.jpgAs some folks remember, every Christmas season, I ring a bell for the local Charlotte Area Salvation Army.  Last year I skipped because I was “working” for an online software firm trying to do consulting and some custom work.  This year, I’m ringing.  More about that later.

One of the things I’ve been thinking about buying with the money that I’ll earn after I catch up on medical bills is an eBook reader.  When Angie took off, all my books went with her.  About two thousand books, 4 thousand comics, loads of role playing material, etc. all went out the door with her. (And probably into the nearby dumpster.)

Anyway, I’ve been downloading eBooks lately by the ton from where ever I can find them.  I won’t go into authors or titles but I have to admit that dragging out the laptop to read them is a pain.  Plus, where I sleep, is too far away from a plug so I wind up usually draining my battery when I want to read something.  Reading text files on the screen is kind of a pain as well.  (I haven’t tried *.lit files yet although I don’t expect much improvement) A lot of that has to do with the size of the screen I would think.  Plus the laptop is kind of heavy.  It’s too tempting to play games or help out somewhere as well when I have the laptop in front of me.

I could also go out and spend the money on actual books.  We have a number of used books around Charlotte.  I have to admit that I would rather hold a paper book in my hands instead of a piece of plastic. (Which is where the Post title comes from.) I’m sure I’d get a lot less titles that way, I already have the eBook files stored locally, but holding the physical book is more pleasurable to me.

The local Targets have one of the Sony eReaders for about $300.  I’m sure they’ll come down even more once we get closer to Christmas.


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3 thoughts on “Paper or Plastic?

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    I mentioned this in passing a few days ago but I’ll e pretty much AFK for about 5-6 weeks while I ring the bell for the local Salvation Army.  I’m looking for a few Guest Bloggers if anyone is…

  2. i was toying with getting one of these but decided it was worth waiting until they came down in price (£100 would be better than £200 and they should have more functionality)…amazon’s kindle may launch in uk as well which may be worth a think about …cheapest sony i found was at (
    reviews i’ve read can be summarised as ‘impressive product but overpriced’.
    downloads (esp. of new books) are also more limited and comparatively expensive. eg devil may care (sebastian faulks) book = less than £10 hardback, download = £15.52!! (at waterstones). can’t justify those prices to my better half (despite the numerous classics that come with it). graham.

  3. Thanks for the reply. I finally went with an Apple iPod Touch and found an eBook reader online that I could use. The screen really isn’t that small. The Sony eReader seems to leave a lot of empty space between each line of text which seems weird to me. It was also almost a hundred dollars cheaper than the eReader plus I can do other stuff with it like check email, play games and the like.
    Thanks again for the comment.

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