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pwlogo.pngI’ve decided to give Project Wonderful a try for a bit. (Note to self.  I have to check on my Paypal account.  I haven’t used it in ages.  I wonder if it’s still active…) Have to admit that I’m really not big on putting move adverts here on the site but I’m not asking for any minimal bid so pretty much anyone can get some space right now.  I find myself blogging a fair amount on webcomics.  Maybe a few will poke their heads up for some free or cheap advertising.

If you would like to sign up for some advertising, please feel free to visit here.  There’s no traffic records yet in there (I’ve had the account for 5 days but just created the advert.) If you want to see some numbers and graphs, please feel free to visit our quantcast page.

edit: I’m really thinking now that a better layout would have been in a row along the bottom of the header image.  Opinions?  Hmmmm….

7 thoughts on “Project Wonderful

  1. Thanks for the comment. I see during the night, we had 8 folks bid for the space. Granted my traffic numbers are still recording low for them, (We do about 2k individual visits a day currently.) but I’m hoping for an even more positive response as we go.

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  5. You can also use adengage or just make page with payment and add sites yourself. People also look for permanent links so you could try that also.

  6. Got My First Project Wonderful Payout Today

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