Jen Learns the Importance of Backing Up Her Data


Yup, still here.  Doing the Salvation Army bellringing so updates may be a few days apart.  Plus it appears my camera is now busted.  I guess leaving it in the backpack wasn’t a good idea.

My sister, Jen, got a write up about her experiences with writing her novel for National Novel Writing Month.  Turns out her computer “crashed” and she lost the work that she was working on.  Now she’s got a “new, shiny flash drive” and is working on a new novel.  No news if she will rewrite her lost work.

What’s actually interesting is that I’ve given some thought about trying to find older, used flash drives and giving them out to the local homeless who need or want them.  Not sure what folks do with their older ones.  Seems like I use all of mine but I only have a couple.  I do get asked occasionally for one and, if I have one to spare, I give them out.

One of these days I’ll have to finish my writings.