The End of the iPod?


Well, three weeks in on the bellringing and I have to admit that it’s driving me crazy.  Not the actual bellringing but having to deal with folks who want to explain to me about how they’ve already given somewhere else or they gave to the previous.  Granted I’m the only one at my spot so I know there wasn’t any previous gentleman that they gave to.  Gotta love folks like that.

I’m really behind on stuff so please bare with me.  On a normal day, I’m getting up at about 5:30-6 am, walking down to South Park Mall which is where I’m currently ringing and having breakfast along the way at either McDonalds or at Eddie’s Place. (Steak and Eggs for $10.95?  Ouch.  It’s been more McDonalds than anything else.) I’m sitting in the mall for about two hours every morning, ringing for about 9 or ten hours and then it’s back to the laptop for another hour or two.  After walking home, gotta keep the doctors’ happy, I’m going to bed around 11 at night.  Kind of tired right now.  Probably should have slept in today.

And once again, I can’t get my paycheck cashed until Monday morning.  I’m itching for a decent meal right now.  That and a Monster.

I did buy myself a little something though.  Found a 2 gig mp3 player at a local WalGreens for twenty five bucks.  Granted I could have gotten it cheaper it now appears but it’s just nice to have.  I’ve been using my laptop as a mp3 player walking down the road with it under an arm.  Probably not the most safe thing to do and charging it is a pain.

But anyway, there’s an article over on Forbes predicting the end of the iPod.  The first time through reading it, I must admit that it didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.  The author quotes a 20% decline in sales.  That’s not a whole lot to me, especially considering that the author also quotes a 10% increase estimate in Apple sales in general.

Then I read the comments.  Not a single commenter agrees with the article author.

So what do you think?  You can get mp3 players for quite a lot cheaper than what Apples sells theirs for.  I saw a 1 gig Shuffle for $50 recently.  That same amount would have paid for my 2gig player and still had money left over.

The image is from the ebay posting I linked to.

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  1. I’ve offically become a techie

    If you’re not one of the people I’ve emailed from this thing, I received a special Christmas gift from my attorney this year.  She sent me an 8gig iPod Touch.  She had wanted to send me an iPhone but…

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