Would You Ticket Santa?


Seems like a police officer in New York City wants to play Scrooge.  An unknown female officer (Do notice that they didn’t name the officer even though I’m assuming the officer’s name would have been on the ticket.) ticketed a double parked SUV protecting Chip Cafiero, a 60-year-old retired schoolteacher dress as Santa, while he passed out toys and candy canes to the children for Christmas.  She did it while the kids yelled at her ‘That’s Santa’s car! That’s Santa’s car!’

While the police are refusing to comment on what occurred, local politician Martin Golden, who was at the event, called the parking ticket “ridiculous.”  Mr. Cafiero is, of course, going to fight it.

I have to admit that I’m not a big Christmas person but I would have thought that considering the event and why the SUV was there in the first place, a simple request to move the vehicle or even direct traffic around it would have been a better solution.  I mean the officer is listed as being a “traffic agent” so directing traffic would have been something she would normally do.

Story from here. Picture from a number of places found on line.

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