Imy the Comic

Imy the webcomic with a bad computer

Imy the webcomic with a bad computer

Running out the door for the night but I wanted to give a quick plug for Imy the Comic.  I found it via a twitter that I’m not going to go back looking for.  Probably one of Frumph‘s.  It started out as one of those “The artist as the main character but, as the creator Irma puts it, it’s developed a life of it’s own, even down to strips about the hair color of the main character.

Please kindly give it a read.  It updates on Mondays and Thursdays.

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  1. Rock the T Shirt

    Irma, the artist behind Imy the Comic, is finally putting together an order for the Rock TShirt that her webcomic’s main character, Imy, wears.  The picture to the left says it all.  Drop by her webcomic if you’re interested…

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