I’ve officially become a techie


If you’re not one of the people I’ve emailed from this thing, I received a special Christmas gift from my attorney this year.  She sent me an 8gig iPod Touch.  She had wanted to send me an iPhone but there was no way I could budget the monthly connection fees. 

I have to admit that I really like it and use it a lot.  It’s a pain to dig out the laptop whenever I have to check email or server status.  Being able to listen to some music while I do my walks is a plus. (The 2gig I picked up recently just didn’t cut it.  Plus not having a menu was a pain.)

Typing on the digital keypad although I’m getting better.  Hitting the right key is kind of hard for me.  My fingers slide around too much.  Still trying to figure out how the directions work with starting at your current location.  I’ll work it out though.

I really like Stanza though. I’m plowing through books like crazy.  Recently read the March Upcountry series by David Weber. (Man, that was a pain to find a decent link for that.) Currently going through the 2001 series by Arthur C. Clarke.  The screen seems fairly small but it’s not too hard to read.

The only real problem I’m having with it, outside of the keypad size, is not being able to listen to video while walking.  Usually when I’m walking, I can lock it so touch the panel won’t stop the music or upset it.  Can’t do that with video though.  If you lock the iPod Touch while video is playing, the video stops.  Kind of annoying.

I’ve dropped it like 9 times so far.  The bottom left corner’s chipped.  I have to find a cover for it someday soon.

So what did everybody else get for the holidays?

5 thoughts on “I’ve officially become a techie

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