My First Project Wonderful Banner

My first Project Wonderful banner

My first Project Wonderful banner

I’ve been reading VR Comic for quite some time now.(Although I can’t find the blog post I made about them.  Oh well.) I noticed that they’ve added in Project Wonderful advertising to their site.  I’ve had Project Wonderful advertising on my own blog as well as the Youtube Downloader for quite some time now and have built up some funds to waste.  I’d thought I would give advertsing a try and see if it helps.  It’s not really an advertising banner.  It really there to 1) test the Project Wonderful system and 2) to say thanks for the comic.

edit: I want to add the advertising to the Devana game as well.  I have to do that sometime soon.

reedit: I’ve now done this for a couple of webcomics that I read.  Since I don’t have a whole lot of money, at the very least I can support them via this method.

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