Demonoid Opens Up the Flood Gates Yet Again

demonoid-logo.jpgJust a quick mention that Demonoid has opened up the flood gates yet again for new registrations. I’m sure the next week or so will be fulled with folks uploading Get Rich Quick plans or even more torrents of Twilight. (Had six of those one day last week. Lots of fun.)

3 thoughts on “Demonoid Opens Up the Flood Gates Yet Again

  1. I really don’t understand the whole thing about Demonoid. Yeah, I have an account, but pretty much all the stuff on the site is barely seeded.

  2. And the site is now closed again.
    I’ve got about a dozen torrents sitting in the queue from anywhere from a few days upwards of since I started. I get them too. Every so often, a seed will appear and things will start flowing again for a bit, hopefully long enough to get the full files.
    I spend most of my time looking for old RPG material that is no longer available. There’s really no other way to get stuff like that.

  3. An Early Christmas Present: Demonoid is Back Online

    Just yet another quick mention in case you didn’t see the article on Torrent Freak that Demonoid is back online and sort of working.  The forums are still offline but maybe that’s a good thing as it’ll give the moderators…

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