Familiar Ground and their Sneeze Page


Not sure if folks have been following Problogger’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog program. (It’s all over but you can flip through the archives over there if you want.) Day 18’s topic was to create a sneeze page.  I noticed Familiar Ground’s advertising over in the Project Wonderful adverts over on the left there and noticed Cedric Atizado’s sneeze page. I wanted to point it out as it contained a lot of good information about himself and his webcomic.  It contains a bit about himself, a bit about his webcomic, contact information and a link to his Twitter account.  Looked good to me and I wanted to point it out.

I’ve even gone ahead and updated my own About page a bit after reading his. (Although my own Project Wonderful setup haven’t been updated yet as I have advertising being running right now.)

One thought on “Familiar Ground and their Sneeze Page

  1. Hello there Dr. Mike. Cedric here (the guy who writes Familiar Ground). I noticed your advert on my site a few days ago and I’ve been meaning to drop by and say thanks!
    Oh, and I didn’t know about problogger or his tips. I just created that intro page because I read somewhere in one of the webcomic forums that having a landing page specifically designed to welcome new readers makes them feel more at home and likely to stay around and browse the site.
    Not sure if it’s working or not yet, but it looks like it 🙂

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