Is Money Missing From Your Google Adsense Account?


I have to admit that most mornings, in addition to checking my email, I check to see how much I earned in my Google Adsense account.  I must admit that I don’t make a whole lot off of it but getting that check every couple of months is a big help.

Imagine my surprise this morning to find about $40 missing from my Google Adsense account’s running total since my last payment.  In fact it actually brought me under the $100 requirement to receive a check from Google Adsense at the end of next month.  With ten days left until the end of the money, there’s plenty of time to get back over that requirement but that’s still a chunk of change.

I’d be lying to say I wasn’t concerned.  I only find a few folks talking about the missing money from their Google Adsense accounts but it’s a recent thread.  Most folks are reporting that the money is only disappearing for a couple of hours and reappearing a short time later.  There’s no mention of a problem on the Google Adsense blog and no reports on the user side of the Google Adsense account

My forty bucks has been missing since I checked at about 7:30 am this morning.  That makes it about 5 hours for me.  How’s everybody else doing with their account?  Find any cash missing?  Or did all the missing money show up in your account? (And are you going to keep it?)

Update: The money is back in my account.  I noticed also a large number of clicks added back into that total as well.  Hopefully this is the last of it. 🙂

Update #2: Gone again but today’s clicks are in there.  Ain’t this fun?

14 thoughts on “Is Money Missing From Your Google Adsense Account?

  1. Sorry to hear that. Our money is still missing as of this morning. What’s weird is I can’t pin it down on anything specific. Say like a month missing or a specific site where our adverts appear on. It’s rather weird.
    Thanks though for the comment,

  2. I also have money missing from my account today. It’s not much, but it put me below the $100 mark. A few days ago, I was over the $100 requirement (around $104). I look today, and it should be even more, but it shows $98.90. Not sure what is going on…

  3. YES ! My money is missing too ! ! !
    But I realized it friday after they were closed . . . I HOPE they fix this in the morning . . . I am going to call adwords until they give me an answer in the morning !
    In a way I am glad to hear I am not the only one, but I am sorry to hear that your money is missing also

  4. Phew…sames happened to me, although I don’t check on a regular basis I was over the $100 point at the start of June …thanks for posting this I’ll keep checking until my $20 reappears.

  5. I have been checking my adsense account every morning too in addition to my emails. So far, I haven’t noticed anything missing from it. Then again, I only get few clicks per day anyway, so it’s only small change.

  6. I have never faced such a problem before..But now I will stay ready to face it..
    But, there have been a lot of cases where I think Adsense is poor in Addition. It frequently happens that the total value of all the clicks is not the Addition of individual value of all the clicks taken together!!
    Did you face such a situation before?

  7. This same exact thing happened to my account last month, but it was a lot more then just $10 or $20 dollars. There have been a lot of people talking about the “since last payment” amount is different then the amount they have received.

  8. On my family site I’ve seen a small sudden drop, but it’s not as badly hit as a wallpaper site I have which is suddenly seeing its CTR halved. Some funny business is going on at Google. I have heard whispers that their soon to be released annual report details “lower traffic aquisition costs” which is a fancy way of saying “we are paying publishers less”.

  9. Sorry to hear that. This is a bit different from what we’re talking about. Google had changed the start date of the time period for the current payment cycle. Kind of threw folks off.
    Best bet would be to hop over to a forum site like and ask for help. Be sure to include a url to your site so folks can see what’s occurring. Getting the correct placement is a big help with percentages.
    Thanks though for the comment,

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