How to Filter Unread Email in Gmail


I have hundreds if not thousands of emails saved in my GMail account.  Every so often, I get an email that I look at the header or who it’s from and just bypass it.  I don’t need to read it but, for one reason or another, I still need to save it.  Since I get hundreds of emails every day, I now have hundreds of these unread emails sitting in my inbox and assorted folders within GMail.

A quick Google pulls up hundreds of blog posts and how tos on how to do this.  Unfortunately many of these are actually incorrect or missing a step. Hopefully I can show you how to do this correctly. (And maybe remember myself since I have to look this up myself every so often.)

  1. Log into your GMail account. Boy, that’s easy. 🙂
  2. In the “Search” bar, enter the following: label:unread. Click on “Search mail.”
  3. You’ll get a listing of the first 20 emails that are still marked as unread.  That’s where most other sites get it wrong.  You have to flip through the pages to see all of the posts.

If you want to mark the emails as read like what I wanted to do this morning, click on the All link within the Select line.  It’ll tell you that the shown 20 emails are marked and give you an option to mark all of the emails matching your search pattern.  I click on that option to mark all of them.

I hope this helps other folks.

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