BestBuy Sells 52 Inch TVs for Ten Bucks. How Many Did You Buy?


Yes, it’s a pricing error. 😉

I read this morning over on the Demonoid support forums that Best Buy was selling a Samsung 52″ LCD HDTV for $9.99.

That’s right.  Ten bucks.  Picture to the left.  In case you can’t read it, it’d model #LN52A650.

You would still have to pay a flat $70 for the delivery, a buck in tax and a $25 recycling fee but that still only comes to a total of $106 total for the first one and about eleven bucks ($9.99 for the television and the buck for tax.) for each additional one.

From looking at the timestamps of the threads, it took BestBuy no less than 6 hours to notice the mistake and pull the advertising.  Some posters ordered upwards of a dozen before the advert disappeared and then wondered if they would actually get the wide screen televisions.

After pulling the error, BestBuy issued a correction and refused to honour the price.  They also locked the thread to prevent people complaining I noticed.  Didn’t stop anyone though.  There’s no less than three other threads on the topic. (edit: Oops, found a fourth.)

So what do you think?  Should BestBuy honour the price?  Amazon sells the television for just under $1,300.  BestBuy would lose over a thousand dollars per unit sold.  But if they don’t, they’ll probably lose the business of all the customers who bought those televisions.  I didn’t get one but will think twice about shopping there again.

edit: Looks like it made the news.  Even the Christian Science Monitor picked up the story.  Some folks feel that maybe this was just a marketing stunt to draw folks into the site.

6 thoughts on “BestBuy Sells 52 Inch TVs for Ten Bucks. How Many Did You Buy?

  1. Definitely should honor this. I remember this happening a few years ago, and the usual bull rush happened.
    Except that store honored the prices.

  2. Got a reference to the store honouring the incorrect price? Never heard of one doing so unless it was for a really cheap item.
    We went through this a few months ago with Dominoes and they didn’t honour their pricing.
    Thanks for the comment by the way.

  3. lol i pity them Took them a long 6 hours o notice such a mistake. Wonder how it would have been if they actually handed out those tvs to the lucky(not anymore) buyers 😉

  4. Why should people who greedily tried to take advantage of an obvious mistake be angry because they failed? A contract requires a meeting of the minds. Clearly, Best buy did not intend to sell these TVs at the published price. Even the prospective buyers undoubtedly recognized that.
    If Best Buy had intended to sell the TVs for $1299 and instead showed a price of $1199, then people would have a better reason to be upset, and I’ll bet that Best Buy would have honored those prices. I see no good reason that Best Buy should feel obligated to honor the $9.99 price, legally or from the point of keeping “customers” happy.

  5. Best Buy used to be one of my favorite stores, but not anymore.
    My wife went in there during lunch one day to pay for and reserve a 42 inch LG TV on sale. She paid the full sales price for the TV which entitled us to a brand new TV. However, when she went to pick it up after work, they brought out a used/opened LG TV. WTF?!?
    Isn’t this illegal? They tried to pass off a used TV to us at the price of a brand new one. Only when my wife confronted them, did they admit that the item was returned and opened. And, then when we asked them to order us a new one, they told us it would take 3 more weeks! WTF kinda business are they running here?
    We refused, and asked for a refund. Because the TV was paid using a debit card, the funds were tied up for a few days. So we had to wait another week for the funds to clear. What a total waste of time! From now on, I’ll stick to Sears. They’ve never given us any problems.

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