Are Your Twits Worthy of You? Find Out With

I’ve talked about Twitter in the past a couple of times. Have to admit that I don’t use it that much. Really only when I make a new post here. Occasionally I go looking for new post ideas there as well.

Anyway, it looks like what little Twittering I’ve done has provided some value. (Edit: Hey, I’m on page 6 of the highest ranking Twitters with worth.) A passing mention on the Digitalpoint forums let me know about Tweetworth.  The site lacks some polish (Actually, let’s be honest, it lacks a lot of polish.  For example the link in the footer to their own Twitter account doesn’t work and their about page lacks correct layout.) and there’s no mention on how the worth of a Twitter account is judged.  The site is still new and will hopefully become more filled out later on.

I actually prefer Twitter Grader myself.  They give you some description on how they judge the worth of an account and seem to do a better job of ranking folks.  They even break down rankings based on your location against other Twitter users.

Which tool do you like better?

8 thoughts on “Are Your Twits Worthy of You? Find Out With

  1. Thanks, Dr. Mike
    Love the ‘still don’t know why I’m doing this’ line.
    Found you from a link on digitalpoint
    My tweeter value is now over a whopping $1,000! I’m money!

  2. Not sure where you’re getting “Page 6” from but rather surprised no one has left their Twitter account url.
    Isn’t it a shame we can’t sell our accounts for these amounts or get paid for a twit for this?
    Thanks for the comment.

  3. Sorry I missunderstood .. it was quote that you mentioned from a DP member .. anyway, being in page 6 means that he has 900k followers .. it’s a fortune ..
    Yes it’s a shame .. but these values are unbelievable .. just like websites value estimations .. for example .. the estimations have nothing to do with reality .. but it’s a tool for comparing websites.
    Monetizing a twitter account may make some money .. I have 13k followers and I have about 40 click with each tweet .. there are ads working with twitter that can make me at least $5 per tweet .. imagine two tweets per day, 1 million followers …

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