Got My First Project Wonderful Payout Today


As you may remember, a few months back I signed up for Project Wonderful.  You can see the boxes over on the left here in the sidebar as well as at the bottom of the Download Youtube Videos site.  Yesterday I requested my first payout and I noticed I received $13.50 as a deposit into my PayPal account this morning.

Hmm, $13.50.

Now I’m not complaining about the buck charge for processing.  I don’t have a problem about that as it says on their site and a couple of times during processing that there’s a fee. (Although I do point out that there’s no mention of it on their external FAQ page.)

And I have to admit that I’ve spent a few bucks on advertising a couple of my sites.  About ten bucks I believe.

So let’s say that gives me a total of $25 earned over a period of about ten months.  Just to round the number out and to be a bit generous.

That gives me a total of $2.50 a month or a little over 8 cents a day.

Hmm, 8 cents.

Even my Google Adsense take is better than that.

Clearly I need a new source of revenue.

edit: I will mention that I’m amazed how many Etsy folks I see need some instruction on how to do a link though.  Seems like half of their links are either broken or lead to some rather strange pages within their Etsy stores.  My favorite so far was the one who linked to their checkout page and bypassed their entire store. *sigh* She never understood when I emailed her about it.

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