Have You Been Penalized By Google? Find Out With Seo Penalty

peopleA common question folks ask is if their site has been penalized by Google and it’s Googlebot.  It does happen if webmasters use too many tricks to promote their website and if and when Google catches on to what they’re doing.  Things like hiding links, overloading pages with keywords, bugging Google with update notifications, and the like will tick off the search engine giant and get your site removed from Google’s database.

Is there an easy way to check?  Head over to SEO Penalty and put the domain of the site in question in their form.  You’ll receive a rating back ranging from 0 to 10 on how much Google has downgraded your site.  Zero means fine and dandy while a ten means they’ve caught on and you need to clean up your act.

Want to know more about Google Penalty and how to deal with it?  Give this article a read.

2 thoughts on “Have You Been Penalized By Google? Find Out With Seo Penalty

  1. Just for info, I tried putting in my URL, but it doesn’t start with http://www. so when I put it in anyway, I got a “ten”. Then I tried putting in a fake one, and I found out it was banned. Too bad they put the “www” in automatically.

  2. I have changed my domain name from vikasgupta.wordpress.com to vikas-gupta.in and my PR dropped from 4 to 0! And I have a penalty of 9/10 on the former URL! I hope to get back my PR soon!

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