Silly Spammers

A can of Spam

A can of Spam

I get the silliest comments left by spammers on my sites.

“The thing is I already knew this info but never implemented it”

I’m so glad that Cynix Hood was worth that much for you. 🙂

edit: It’s a pity though that the spammer is using deviantart for their crud.  Link added here so I can follow up on it later on.  It’s been reported though.

8 thoughts on “Silly Spammers

  1. I understand what you mean about spammers, I have just opened up a second blog and just got my first “spam” comment on it!
    Mine was simply
    “I have a big penis, do you want one too”
    Visit my site!
    Just think some poor sod was probably paid $1 for 50 blog comments just to do that!

  2. I also get more than 100 spam commnets each day inb my blogs.
    The problem for me is not managing them as allmost all of them are thrown to my wordpress spam comments by plugins. But the real problem for me such spammers and bots are using a lot of bandwidth in my shared hosting which has and my total bandwidth given to me by my hosting provider is very low!

  3. Spammers are a part of blogging. They are popular in the lowest living creature to be part of this system. They constantly annoy people. They are plain stupid.

  4. LOL! The said spam is funny. I never guessed this existed a long time ago through this canned good. Most spammers are annoying and they should be canned for good.

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