Trying to remember a specific science fiction novel

I posted this on the Unshelved Answers forums but I thought I would post about it as well.  I’ve been trying to remember this title for quite some time now.  It was one of the books I lost with Angie.  I was in the middle of it when I had my health problems back in 1999 so I would like to finish it.


Just going to throw this out an yet another attempt to see if anyone
remembers it. It’s an Apocalyptic setting where the main character, I
believe a young female, is undergoing her adulthood trial which
consists of climbing a mountain. At the top she discovers aliens living

I remember it being a Science Fiction Book Club title as I received
it in the same shipment as Nancy Kress’ Beggars of Spain so that would
put it 1993ish.

It’s not Battlefield Earth which usually gets suggested to me when I ask.


One thought on “Trying to remember a specific science fiction novel

  1. I think I read this book. It was back then in the early to mid 90’s. It was by Kevin J. Anderson (before the Dune disaster). At the top of the mountain, the aliens were really the remnants of a human spacecraft, but the aliens had forgotten they were humans and acted like beasts.

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