It’s alive! IT’S ALIVE!!!

It's Alive

It’s Alive

Yup, still alive and kicking. As noted earlier, I’m in the process of moving all of my sites onto a small VPS instead of having them scattered around the net. Been having problems as I’m also using the experience to install Nginx and learn it as it’s a webserver I’ve not used before. Setting up the basic server wasn’t too hard although php kept crashing every time I turned away from it. (That was those Bad Gateway errors folks were seeing.) Getting cgi’s to run on Nginx wasn’t fun either.  Thanks to all those who emailed to let me know that there was a problem.

Part of the reason why I’m doing this, outside of a legal opinion that got handed down to me concerning my hosting and what I get in trade to host some sites, was that I really need a proxy to view the web here in the library.  They just censor too many sites and I have to keep firing up Tor to get around their blocks when I’m trying to help folks. (OK, that last link only had a single return but I hope you get the idea.)

All of my sites should be working again although there is the occasional issue.  Search and the tags here don’t currently work since I’m having problems with the rewrite rules. (Note to self: Post about it to hopefully get some help.)  Nginx’s error logs are empty but I did find the fix for that.  I added a bunch of photos to the Gallery install if you want to check them out.  Hopefully I can re catalog them shortly.

Please let me know if you see something broken.

4 thoughts on “It’s alive! IT’S ALIVE!!!

  1. And thanks for using a made up email address. Per policy I normally delete those comments but since you didn’t include a link, I’ll just leave it here. I always try to send a copy of my follow up when possible.

  2. Hi. What’s a VPS? I’m not familiar with the acronym.
    Also, why are you looking at an offshore company? I’d think the lag time would be too long.

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