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Dr. Mike Wendell

Dr. Mike Wendell

Hello, I’m Mike Wendell, a nearly 40 year old “divorcee” (We never did get married) and I write Dr. Mike’s Steak Dinner along with a number of other blogs.  This blog is an offshoot of The Daria – Jane Conspiracy, a site I developed back in 2001-ish to host my own Daria fanfiction works.  It quickly grew into an interactive site hosting a large number of works from other authors.  I live in Charlotte, NC and, even though I’m currently medically retired, I’m the minority owner of a small private Internet hosting and consulting firm to help pay the bills.  I also find the time to work with a number of local churches and organizations that support the local area homeless. I am also a multiple cancer, heart attack and stroke survivor.

Please be aware that I have a number of medical concerns.  Typing and spelling are not strong points for me.  Rude comments about that sort of thing are not welcomed.  I do try my best.

In case you’re wondering about the title and url of the site, it’s based on a running joke of one of the support forums that I used to help out at.  A certain specific question came up time and time again, many times over the course of a typical day.  This happened even though multiple FAQs answering the question as well as a forum sticky were present.  It got to the point that I finally started telling folks that since they kept asking that question, even though the answer was right in front of them in multiple places, they now owed me a steak dinner.  Other members of the forums picked up on it and it soon became the running forum joke.  It grew old fast because folks still weren’t paying attention and, even today, the question still gets asked multiple times each day.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  Please note that using my blog as a tech support site isn’t something I consider a good idea.  If you would like to advertise on this site, I suggest and recommend using Project Wonderful.  You can keep track of this blog via RSS or via an email once a day in your inbox.

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  1. Dr. Mike, hello! I have been searching everywhere for the Gangbusters RPG rulebook and modules and I saw you had some links to them on your site. The links are currently broken, but do you have the original PDF’s in your possession? Much obliged.

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