So much for going paper free

Oh, sure. The iPhone is God’s gift to nerds who lack basic manners and they’re buying them by the ton. Folks are having issues though with the phone. Sure, the price drop didn’t make many people happy even though they’re getting that $100 credit back. I personally would rather have the cash but I guess at least something back is better than nothing.

But there’s a down side. Folks are getting their first bills. Large bills. Not in money but in paperwork. Take a look at this video as she explains her bill.

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Apple pays $700,000 for bloggers’ legal fees


Bloggers and online journalists have completed their final victory lap in a protracted fight against Apple. Earlier this month, a Santa Clara County Court ordered Apple to pay the legal fees associated with the defense of subpoenas issued to online journalists (and other related entities) in response to online reports about a confidential audio/video product — code-named “Asteroid” — under development at the Cupertino-based company. The “Asteroid” product was never released, but Apple claimed the news reports violated California state trade secret law and that the journalists were not entitled to First Amendment protections. However, following an appeals decision last year that strongly sided with the journalists, the Court ordered Apple to pay all legal costs associated with the defense, including a 2.2 times multiplier of the actual fees.

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AT&T claims MPEG-4 patent infringement, wants Apple to pay up

From here: AT&T claims MPEG-4 patent infringement, wants Apple to pay up – Engadget

We already knew that between MPEG-LA, Via Licensing and others, MPEG-4 and the H.264 codec were already awash with patent holders and complicated royalty systems, but it looks like there’s a new kid on the block that wants its share of Apple, CyberLink, DivX, InterVideo and Sonic Solutions pie. Fresh from its SBC merger, AT&T is going after the big iPod bucks claiming that the device infringes on their patents which they claim are “a core component of MPEG-4.” AT&T claims that they’re not just after the money and that they’re looking to “make sure others are able to take advantage of this technology,” but they also state: “what we’re doing is pretty common among intellectual property holders,” which isn’t exactly comforting given the tech industry’s history with such things.

Can’t we all get along?

Microsoft To Release An iPod Alternative, WinPod

Microsoft designers have come up with a design for an MP3 player they think will rival Apple’s super soaraway iPod.

Business Week said that the software maker was working on plans to develop its own device rather than whip up its partners to produce it. No-one has seen Microsoft’s design either.

A Microsoft spokesman initially dismissed the Business Week yarn as speculation, but then admitted that it was considering making its own WinPod, along with many other projects.

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