YouTube Support


Matt also announces on the Blog the support of YouTube videos as embedded objects within your WordPress posts. There have been a few issues posted on the tech support forum but it appears that it’ll just take time for everyone to understand the new format.

Hopefully soon we’ll have a new button on our post editors to do add this new link automatically. Importers

posts on the Blog that the staff has enabled two experimental importers Thursday. These will allow users of Blogger, Typepad, and Movable Type to import their previous posts from those systems into new blogs here at He stresses the importers are experimental and may not work 100%. He asks for feedback from those who use the new importers.

The thing I like about them is that they also handle comments, a frequent request made in the support forums here at

Thanks Matt. – Even More Languages


Matt posts that has expanded the number of languages supprted here at the site to 119. While that’s great and I give my thanks to the WordPress staff for doing such a thing, I would love to see the language choices that we make show up in the Dashboard we see when we log in. It’s kind of a small pain to see posts made here that I can’t read, especially since they do by so fast when only the last 15 get listed.

What language?

Matt posts about a change the staff has made to the WordPress software where the blogger gets to determine the primary language of the blog. Matt mentions that in the future, the staff will be looking at modifing the back end for the different languages.

I just wish that the latest 30 posts part of the Dashboard would be of your language. 🙂