WordPress Plugin: User Only Downloads

Per a request in one of the WordPress support forums I still frequent, I’ve written a quick little filter plugin that allows you to hide the download link to a file and only display it when the viewer is logged in.  A lot of forums have this feature, usually as a plugin, to forse users to create accounts on their forums.

Usage is fairly simple: [user_download URL] where URL is the URL of the file in question.  Visitors who are logged in will see the URL while others who aren’t logged in will see the standard “You need to be logged in…” message.

Feel free to use.  Please consider a link back if you find some use for this.


How Matt Mullenweg and Automattic deals with complaints

Wordpress censorship

WordPress censorship

Looks like I “offended” Matt Mullenweg a bit too much.  Write a pair of posts describing how they have ignored a long list of splog reports and I now have my wordpress.com account suspended and my posts in the support forums edited without permission.  But in addition to that, I’ve been blackballed by Akismet and it appears that my comments on wordpress.com are being trashed automatically. (A picture of that after the fold.  Guess I won’t be posting comments to your blog anymore, wank.)

What bothers me about all this is that it started on Matt’s end when I suggested that since most of the support forum volunteers were not going to be able to attend the first WordCamp, that it would be a great idea if Automattic would drop each of them a tshirt into the mail.  That way Matt and crew would show how thankful they were for the time and the work that they put in.  This, of course, didn’t fly over too well and since that point, many of us noticed a “cooling” of staff’s attitudes towards those who helped out.

There, I said it.  All this because of a lousy tshirt.  A simple gesture that would have taken at most an hour or two and would have meant a lot of some people.  Hell, the gallery folks sent me a tshirt for reporting an issue with their website. (I still need to blog about that.  There’s pictures here and here.  Yes, it was 6:30 in the morning.  It was early and I was tired and hadn’t shaved.)

Since that time, I’ve had Matt and others from Automattic lie about me, post insults, make light of my physical handicaps, and make light of my former relationship with my ex fiancee.  While he goes on and on about how approachable he is, he has refused numerous times to discuss how his company has acted towards me and has refused to follow up on the questions that I raised.

All this does prove three things though.  WordPress.com is not pro free speech, not pro customer service and fully believes in censorship.  Can’t wait for the next time Matt gets up on his soap box shouting out to the whole world how they support it so much.

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Matt apoligizes for a volunteer but Automattic employees are free to insult

drmike-128.jpgAnyone else think it’s strange that Matt takes the time to apoligize for a response from options but yet rudeness from an employee directed towards another volunteer goes unanswered?


edit: By the way, I noticed that root has been marked as inactive as well.  I haven’t seen anyone else mention that.


Oh, and Mark?  Maybe the reason why we’re having to create new usernames and email addresses is because you folks are locking us out of the forums.  You may have noted the “Inactive” notation besides our usernames?  Gotta admit that I scratch my head though when the folks who have answered most if not all of the questions raised in the support forums keep telling you that you, Matt and the rest are wrong and have been rather rude and insulting.  It’s a pity you folks can’t see what is occuring and you would rather call it a “hate campaign” instead of being open minded and respond to complaints.

And again Mark, if you want that list, I’d be happy to provide it to you.

Would someone please explain something to me


Would someone please explain something to me. How am I suppose to help someone when their entire question is:

It doesn’t work

OK, what doesn’t work? How are you using it? Can you show me where you’re trying to use it?

Or can you tell me what book am I holding up in front of my monitor right now? I’ll give you a hint – It’s a hard cover.

Bloody hell…

New Support Option

I’m running for the bus here in a second but I did want to announce our new option for support around here in addition to the support forums.

We have a help desk now.  🙂

Afraid that your logins won’t work over there so you’ll have to create accounts a second time or just send in an email to support ( at ) daria ( dot ) be.  

I’ll expand on what I want to do with the system in the morning.  It’s been a long day.

Thanks again for visiting,

Post Videos from Grouper on WordPress.com

Andy lets us know that blogs over at WordPress.com can now post their videos from Grouper.
This is, if you notice in the article, backwards from the provious methods used with YouTube and Google. Using Grouper, you actually tell Grouper to post the video to your WordPress blog.
Riva does suggest, and I agree, that choosing autoplay is not a good idea since not everybody is on fast internet connections. I would also suggest modifying the post where the video lands and plaing a ‘more’ tag above it would also be a good idea. That way the visitor has to click through to the article to load the video. Also no more than one video per post would also be a good idea.

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