Looks like WordPress.com has gone pro-spam


A few days ago, I wrote about a splog over on wordpress.com that I had reported a number of times that, after a pair of “Report as Spam”  and a support ticket still remained online.  It took three hours after blogging about it but it finally came down.

Folks have written that wordpress.com is as spam free as possible.  In fact, Matt Mullenweg recently commented that they’ve removed over 800,000 such sites from the service, 24% of all blogs created on that site. (I agree with the commenter.  The math is off.) That number seems rather low to me considering that numbers between 50% and 77% get used all the time.

I’ve questioned this in the past a number of times as it really sounds like PR coming from Automattic. (And if you haven’t figured out yet that anything coming from Automattic should be questioned, you may want to give that some thought.) Simply going around the site with their Next Blog link in the admin bar will usually show a number of splogs.  I’ve always reported them in the past.

Here’s something else I’ve been doing.  I’ve bookmarked every splog reported since the middle of January, 2008.  I have a list of 917 splogs located on wordpress.com that, having just checked a large random sample of them, appear to be mostly still on line.  Nearly a thousand.  You would think that a site that’s going around and stating how anti-spam they are would have deleted them a long time ago.  Guess not.

Here’s a sampling from that list.  These are 70 that were reported this past weekend that as far as I can tell are still online as of today.  They’ve all been marked with nofollow and noindex so they won’t get any credit from me.

I wonder how long it’ll take for someone to catch up on these.  I also wonder what the problem is this time.

edit: Here’s another one.

digg_url = ‘http://digg.com/tech_news/Wordpress_com_and_Automattic_turn_pro_spam’;

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Iā€™m so proud of myself

Check out the new Dashboard Menu we have over at daria.be.
Wish the picture had come out crisper though.
Instructions are here if you want to include it within your own WordPress multiuser setup.

Been busy doing work over at daria.be

I’ve gotten a lot done during the last few days over at daria.be, my own WordPress Multiuser installation. Here’s some highlights:

  • Updated the blogging software to a more recent version as well as the support forum software.
  • Worked out the bugs with the stat program and made sure everybody was set up for it.
  • Upgraded a number of the plugins like Akismet. I still have to do the individual forums for each blog though.
  • Fixed the issue with offsitte posting clients like Blogdesk not working.
  • Worked out custom header images for a number of themes like Benevolence and Sapphire. I hope to get to more of them soon.
  • Added some themes like Cutline and Greenery.
  • Added in an option to display a banner to one.org.
  • And worked out a method to host domains for individual blogs.

Its been a busy week. Feel free to check out daria.be today. šŸ™‚

Comments on the main blog

I don’t know why but, for some reason, I removed the comment box on the blog at daria.be when I installed it. It’s back now. Feel free to make your own comments to daria.be’s announcements. Please note though that support requests and questions should go in via one of the four offical methods:

  • The help desk
  • Feedback from your Dashboard
  • Email to support ( at ) daria ( dot ) be
  • The support forums
  • That way we can track problems, suggestions, and concerns.
    Thanks again for visiting,

    Google Sitemaps are now online

    Per a request over in the support forums, I’ve gone ahead and added in support for Google Sitemaps for the blogs over at daria.be.
    Google Sitemaps allows you to compare the the pages within your blog with what Google’s spiders are seeing, see if you have any problems with the spiders accessing any portion of your site and see what keywords are being noticed by Google.
    To signup for this feature, you need an account with Google. If you have a GMail account, that will work fine as well.
    To create your very own Google Sitemap, all you need to do is log into your daria.be account and visit Dashboard -> Options -> Sitemap. There you will see a button labeled “Rebuild Sitemap.” Give it a click and in a few seconds, a freshly made sitemap will be generated for you. Make note of the sitemap’s URL as you’ll have to give it to Google for it to find it. It should look something like http://myblog.daria.be/sitemap.xml
    One final thing about all this. You’ll have to verify with Google that you do indeed own the site in question before you can look at any of the stats about the site in question. Once you sign in with Google and give them the URL of your Sitemap, you should see a link to “Verify Your Site.” It’s real easy to do. Just click on the link. Google will then ask you which one of two different methods you want to use to verify your site. You’ll want to pick the “File Upload” one, not the “Meta Tag” one. Google will then make a big deal about uploading a file and giving it a specific filename. Just ignore it and click on the Verify link again. We did a little trick on this end where, no matter what filename Google wants, it’s going to get it. šŸ™‚
    Give it a try and let us know what you think in our support forums.
    Thanks again for visiting,

    New Theme – Misty Look

    I decided to upload the theme that I’m currently using on my blog over at daria.be if anyone wanted to use it.
    Gotta admit that i have issues with the layout in Netscape 7.2 which I have to use here but it does look pretty sharp when it works.

      Misty Look: A white, two column theme with a cool header image
      Misty Look WordPress Theme

    Theme Thursday

    I have a feeling that I’m going to try and shoot for add in in new themes on Thursday over on daria.be. Maybe that’ll be the plan.

      Hemingway: Deep and dark with it’s own verson of Widgets.
      Hemingway WordPress Theme
      Orange Sky: Um, it’s an orange sky in the header image.
      Orange Sky WordPress Theme
      Ocadia: Kind of weird looking if you ask me
      Ocadia WordPress theme
      Dixie Belle: A bright white two column theme
      Dixie Belle WordPress Theme

    This gives us 38 themes installed so far. Any suggestions for theme that you would like to see can be dropped off in the support forums. Also please report any problems that you may find.
    Thanks again for visiting,

    Things to do first with Your New Blog

    I just posted this article over on the help desk but I thought I would post it here as well. It concerns what to do first with your new blog. I’ll probably add to it later on as I go.
    Things to do first with Your New Blog
    Hope this helps,