New Support Option

I’m running for the bus here in a second but I did want to announce our new option for support around here in addition to the support forums.

We have a help desk now.  🙂

Afraid that your logins won’t work over there so you’ll have to create accounts a second time or just send in an email to support ( at ) daria ( dot ) be.  

I’ll expand on what I want to do with the system in the morning.  It’s been a long day.

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Update on


Just some quick site update information today:

    Login Speed Issues – I’ve noticed some slow down when one logs into the backend. I’ve had a feeling that this was due to the 2 listings on the Dashboard – the announcements from the Development Blog and the site wide posts that show up in the little grey boxes along the bottom. They’re now being compiled offsite and I’m hoping that it will speed the login a bit. (It seems to) If you notice anything different, please let me know in our support forums.
    Spammers – Spammers are not welcomed here. Period. I’ve already gone ahead and deleted over 2 dozen blogs created by spammers. If the only reason you are here is to create links for your sites elsewhere, please don’t waste my time or yours. All blogs need to have original content. Even if it’s in a foreign language, please remember that it takes me less than five minutes to get it translated. If it’s a spam site, it will be deleted.
    Blog stats – I’m still having an issue getting the Blog Stats to load the tables correctly apon blog creation. I’m currently doing it by hand each day. If I miss your blog and it’s been more than 24 hours, please let me know in the support forum and I’ll get right on it.
    Additional Features – If you haven’t noticed, we’ve had our first request for an additional features and I was able to grant it. If there’s anything you would like to see added it, please feel free to make a post about it and I’ll see what we can do about it.

Thanks again for visiting us today. 🙂


Four New Themes Today

OK, got the bugs that I’m aware of all fixed and did the daily backups and all that. Still had time to drop in some more themes for you folks. 🙂

    Sweet Blossoms: A thin 2 column red theme
    Sweet Blossoms WordPress Theme
    Chocolate Candy: A brownish 2 column theme with candy in the background
    Chocolate Candy WordPress Theme
    Black LetterHead: A three column, dark theme
    Black LetterHead WordPress Theme
    Fresh Bananas: A two column theme that has nothing to do with Bananas
    Fresh Bananas WordPress Theme

*chuckle* I wonder sometimes where theme designers get the names of their themes.

Anyways, the images lead to demos of the themes. if you have any suggestions to other themes that you would like to use or if you have any problems, feel free to post in the Support Forums. This makes a total of 33 themes installed now.

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Oops, sorry about that

It’s been brought to my attention that we had a couple of issues with links to the support forums as well as a PHP error on some pages. Both of those issues have now been fixed.

I also noticed that I forgot to mention one of the themes we have installed here:

    Waterlily: A blue two column theme.
    Waterlily WordPress Theme

That gives us a total of 29 different themes you can try. All of the demo blogs now have filler content on them as well so you can see how the different themes look.

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New themes installed

Quick mention that if you see any issues with any of the themes we’ve installed, please mention them over at the support forums and we’ll get right on them.
Today’s three themes come from Topi Peltonen. Check them out today with your own free blog here at

    Bordom: A two column perky theme.
    Bordom WordPress theme
    Sweet Pink: Why it’s called Sweet Pink, I have no idea.
    Sweet Pink WordPress theme
    Neat: A bluish, two column theme
    Neat WordPress theme

Again, give a yell in the support forums if you have any issues.
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We’ve got Statistics

Another day, another feature. 🙂
That’s probably the way it’s going to work around here for the next few days.
I’ve gone ahead and added in statistics to everybody’s blog. We’re still having an issue with the necessary tables being loaded for new users although I should have something figured out later tonight or at the very least a work around in place. (And if I don’t, then I’ll just add them in by hand until we do.)
Stats example
Give them a try. You can find the stats at your Dashboard -> Blog Stats tab. I you get a strange looking error, be sure to let me know over in the support forums.
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A few more themes

Just a few more. The images lead to demo sites so that you can see the themes in action.

    Nikynik Blue: A blueish, two column theme
    Nikynik Blue WordPress Theme
    BlueBerry Boat: Another blue, two column theme
    Blueberry Boat WordPress Theme
    Benevolence: A two column, white theme
    Benevolence WordPress Theme

Any issues, please be sure to post about them in the support forums.
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YouTube Support

OK, we probably all know what Youtube is by now. It’s a service that allows you to upload videos and share them to the internet. They also allow other websites to use the videos using embed html codes.
For certain reasons, we don’t allow you to use embed codes here at for security concerns but we have a way you can add in the videos anyway.
For example, I dug out this video for you as a demo. See the last 11 characters in the URL? The ‘_BuRwH59oAo’ bit? That what you need to display a YouTube video on your own blog. Just copy and paste that little bit like so:
[gv data="_BuRwH59oAo"][/gv]
It looks hard but after the first few times, it should be easy. (Trust me, I’ve done a bunch.)
And as an extra plus, we’ve even worked in a download link so that your visitors can download the video themselves.
Give it a try today:
[gv data="_BuRwH59oAo"][/gv]
Copy and paste that line of code to your blog and see if works for yourself. Or you can just watch the video below:
[gv data=”_BuRwH59oAo”][/gv]
Any problems? Drop by the support forums and give a yell. Be sure to point us to a post that you’ve made so we can see exactly what you are doing. That way we can help you. 🙂
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