WordPress Plugin: User Only Downloads

Per a request in one of the WordPress support forums I still frequent, I’ve written a quick little filter plugin that allows you to hide the download link to a file and only display it when the viewer is logged in.  A lot of forums have this feature, usually as a plugin, to forse users to create accounts on their forums.

Usage is fairly simple: [user_download URL] where URL is the URL of the file in question.  Visitors who are logged in will see the URL while others who aren’t logged in will see the standard “You need to be logged in…” message.

Feel free to use.  Please consider a link back if you find some use for this.


WP-Forums is hackable

drmike-128.jpgI’m no longer supporting WordPress but I wanted to mention this as I had been suggesting this WordPress plugin to folks in the WordPress Multiuser forums previously.

It’s been announced that the wp-forums plugin is hackable and a security risk.  Considering that the author hasn’t been around much, don’t expect a fix for it any time soon.

I, for one, have been suggesting folks use Simple Forum instead.  There’s no import route though for you to use.

I’m so proud of myself

Check out the new Dashboard Menu we have over at daria.be.
Wish the picture had come out crisper though.
Instructions are here if you want to include it within your own WordPress multiuser setup.

Tag Cloud Generator for WordPress.com


Always want a tag cloud for your wordpress.com blog? Engtech gives us a Tag Cloud Generator
for your wp.com blog. Runs on Windows, Mac or Linux. It’ll give you
output that you can copy and paste into a text widget or a Page within
your blog. Be sure to read all of the documentation as Engtech goes out
of his way to answer any questions that you may have. There’s also a
list of advanced options for you to try.

And if you’re using regular WordPress, just grab one of the many tag cloud generators that are available.

Been busy doing work over at daria.be

I’ve gotten a lot done during the last few days over at daria.be, my own WordPress Multiuser installation. Here’s some highlights:

  • Updated the blogging software to a more recent version as well as the support forum software.
  • Worked out the bugs with the stat program and made sure everybody was set up for it.
  • Upgraded a number of the plugins like Akismet. I still have to do the individual forums for each blog though.
  • Fixed the issue with offsitte posting clients like Blogdesk not working.
  • Worked out custom header images for a number of themes like Benevolence and Sapphire. I hope to get to more of them soon.
  • Added some themes like Cutline and Greenery.
  • Added in an option to display a banner to one.org.
  • And worked out a method to host domains for individual blogs.

Its been a busy week. Feel free to check out daria.be today. 🙂

WordPress Plugin – Send one.org some love


Per a request over at daria.be, I whipped up a quick WordPress plugin and am making it available for download. It places the one.org
banner in the upper right of your blog and provides a link to their
site. All you have to do is drop the oneorg.php file into your
/wp-content/plugins/ subdirectory and activate the plugin within your
Dashboard. It also work on the WordPress Multiuser platform if you make
plugins optional for your end users.

Hope this helps,



Optimize MySQL

For the longest time, I’ve had issues with trying to optimize the huge MySQL datatables that exist over at daria.be.
With over 6,000 tables, pulling up the database in something like
phpMyAdmin wasn’t working too well. Took about 20 minutes just to load
it up.

My host
found a script on line that goes though table by table and optimizes it
if needbe. It runs through all of the databases accessable by the MySQL
user so it whould work on multidatabase installs of WPMu as well.

The code for the most part comes from here with some modifications made by myself to allow for the WPMu system. Instructions are included within the php file.

Download it from here. Should work on non-WPMu setups as well. Anything with large numbers of MySQL data tables.

WP-Shortstat gets an upgrade

Just a quick mention that WP-ShortStat got an upgrade a few days ago. I just noticed it.

New features copied from the site:

new database format, about half the size of the old format
added blogger.com to detected search engines
fix for broken referer
added debug version which shows all errors
some internal fixes (uninitialized variables, …)
disabled old country detection code

There’s also a MySQL script for reducing the size of the tables for it. That will be a big help for me over at daria.be. The script doesn’t work for me though. I’ll have to fiddle with it.