A few more themes

Just a few more. The images lead to demo sites so that you can see the themes in action.

    Nikynik Blue: A blueish, two column theme
    Nikynik Blue WordPress Theme
    BlueBerry Boat: Another blue, two column theme
    Blueberry Boat WordPress Theme
    Benevolence: A two column, white theme
    Benevolence WordPress Theme

Any issues, please be sure to post about them in the support forums.
Thanks again for visiting,

Today’s new themes

Just a couple of new themes today. I tried to install some three column ones since we really don’t have that many of them. This brings the selection up to 22 total here at daria.be.

    Faintly Victorian: A bright, three column theme
    Faintly Victorian WordPress Theme
    Anthosia3c: A blue-white three column theme
    Anthosia3c WordPress Theme
    Banana Smoothie: A two column fun theme
    Banana Smoothie WordPress Theme
    Quentin: A bookish, two column theme
    Quentin WordPress Theme
    Thanks again for visiting,

Even more themes

Got some more installed bringing us up to 18 of them. The images lead to the demo sites. Give them a try today on your own blog.

    Tropical Breeze: Two columns with lots of pastel hues.
    Tropical Breeze WordPress Theme
    Theorem: Two column dark theme
    Theorem WordPress Theme
    Batavia: A tanish brown two column theme
    Batavia WordPress theme
    Connections Reloaded: A two column theme
    Connections Reloaded WordPress theme
    Anthurium Mix: A deep red two column theme
    Anthurium Mix WordPress theme
    Falling Dreams: A two column theme that kind of reminds me of stone and gravel
    Falling Dreams WordPress Theme

Hmm, we mostly have two column themes right now. Let me go get some three column ones.
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Lots of new themes here today

Big long list:

    Coffee Cup: A two column theme based on Manji2
    Coffee Cup WordPress Theme
    Iris: Purple gingham with a touch of lemony yellow.
    Iris WordPress Theme
    China Red: A red two column theme
    China Red WordPress Theme
    Spooky Blue: A bluish 2 column theme
    Spooky Blue WordPress Theme
    Zen Minimalist: Imageless style using a tabbed horizontal menu
    Zen Minimalist WordPress Theme

I’ve gone ahead and linked the images up above to demo sites. Give them a try today.

Lots of new stuff today

OK, I got some work done while waiting for the bus.

    I’ve started a FAQ blog that I hope to have filled out shortly. If you have any questions, please check their first and, if they are still unanswered, check over at the forums.
    I’ve worked in a site wide RSS feed if you would like to use it. You can find it here at: http://daria.be/wpmu-feed/ You can also find it at the bottom of the page when you log into your blog.
    If you have a mature content blog, you now have an option to select a rating for that at Dashboard -> Options -> Rating. We ask that you do this so that we don’t get as many complaints as we would without it. 🙂
    Widgets are now installed. These are little building blocks that you can use in your sidebar of your theme to customize your site. You can find these at Dashboard -> Presentation -> Sidebar Widgets. I’m going to try to install only themes that have widget support so if I miss one, please let me know.
    And speaking of themes, we now have a total of six of them. They are:

  • Andreas01: A three column, white theme
    Andreas - 01 WordPress Theme
  • Black Kryptonite: A two column black theme
    Black Kryptonite WordPress Theme
  • Deep Blue: A two column blue theme
    Deep Blue WordPress Theme
  • Juicy: A greenish two column theme
    Juicy WordPress Theme
  • WordPress Classic: The original WordPress theme
    WordPress Classic Theme
  • WordPress Default Theme: The basic blue, two column theme
    WordPress Default Theme
  • Feel free to try them today. I included links to test blogs so you could try them out.

Tomorrow’s tasks include bringing back the video plugin for YouTube as well as the stats package, more themes, and maybe some more widgets.
Thanks again for visiting with us today.

Back on line

If you haven’t seen or guessed, we’re missing some data around here. My host, finishost.com, has appeared to have gone belly up.
The owner is promising his former clients our data. Haven’t seen anything yet which has me concerned. (Picture a 21k picture Gallery install that took almost six months to build.)
I’m not too happy with the situation either.
The good news though is that with my new current host, I’m able to use the WordPress MultiUser software to it’s fullest. That means we’re back to have blogs here as subdomains instead of subdirectories.
So what do we do from this step?
I’m assuming that we’re going to get out data sometime in the next few days. Once we do, I’ll reupload the databases. Feel free to recreate your blog and I can edit it from that.
I apoligize for the issues we have had in the past. My new host seems to have a better grasp with what’s going on. (At least they’re answering their support tickets.)
Thanks again for visiting us today,

Andy Skelton interview

Matt mentions that Andy Skelton did an interview with iTimes recently.
One thing that I like is the following:

A question that’s on a lot of our minds is why WordPress.com doesn’t allow custom template editing. Although XSS (Cross Site Scripting) vulnerabilites are a viable threat, is there anyway that Automattic can protect the site and allow this functionality at the same time?
Obviously we want to provide as much freedom as possible without sacrificing the performance and security of the site. Customization is the single most requested feature on WordPress.com. It’s something we’re always improving – such as with Widgets and the new version of Regulus with custom header images.
It’s probably possible to create a new templating system for WordPress so that anyone can make their own template without exposing things that should remain secure on the server. There are people working on this kind of thing in different ways: plugins, flexible themes, even core mods.
Most folks are very happy with the options we provide, too. They’re very vocal about it in the feedback form. The few people who really need their own theme are encouraged to run WordPress on their own server space so that they have full control over their site.
Personally, I encourage anyone who wants to make their own theme to install WordPress on their home computer and play with it. If you fall in love with it, you’ll probably want to rent space on a shared server and then you can also have your own domain name. It’s a lot of fun, but when you just need a place to blog you’ll still have the ability to do so on WordPress.com. I have blogs there as well as elsewhere.

I wish more people over at the support forums would understand that. 🙂

Still here :)

Been busy with the WordPress.com support forums as well as the ones over at WordPress MU and stuff for Daria.be. Haven’t even had a change to work on my Kim Possible Fanfiction either and I really wanted to get some of that finished this weekend. And I’ve been having issues with this new theme and it’s sidebar. Still looks like crap. Also been trying to figure out a way to pay for my webhosting as well. Spent too much helping out other people this month as well as on hardware with my hosting company so I couldn’t pay myself this month. I have to keep my sites away from my servers for legal reasons.
Anyone spare $6 bucks via paypal? 🙂